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Stage: 6


Wao! Wao!! Wao!!! This is the most prestigious stage in our hierarchy of leadership. As an executive tycoon, you are a champion, a super star, with lots of juicy incentives to help you live and sustain a luxury lifestyle. It is the dream of everyone to live a better life and leave a legacy for their children, here as a Top achiever you will enjoy residual income for the rest of your life and you can will your earnings to your next of kin.
In level one$1000 is paid while for level 2 and 3, $3000 and $3500 are paid respectively for every pair. Matching occurs once in level 1, so you earn $1000. In level 2, it occurs twice so you earn $6000 while it occurs four times in level 3, paying you a total sum of $14000.
You also earn a shopping voucher of $2000 and leadership bonus of $4000. An infinity Bonus of $18,000 and international fund of $2000 are also paid at this stage.Villa fund, which is a new bonus, is paid at this stage to the tune of $30,000.
This executive tycoon is a revolving matrix, which mean that you will automatically re-entered into this last stage and you revolve here again and again and again, You will earn over a $100,000 in this stage over and over and over again for life. Your monthly merit bonus is likely to be in 7 figures. It’s your dream go for it and live your life to its fullest.