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Referral Commission (Direct Commission)

This is the amount paid to you directly on every new affiliate successfully sponsored by you directly. Here it is a fixed amount ($10). There is no limit to your earning referral commission as the system allows unlimited sponsorship. The system has an inbuilt placement technology that allows you to earn direct commission on your new affiliate sponsored and give you the control of where to place your new downline. This is indeed revolutionary!

Matching Bonus Defined

Matching bonus as implemented in the Propreneurs compensation plan, is a game changer. Unlike other level bonuses thatpay onlyat the exit point of the level of your matrix, we pay on a pair to pair entry basis. A pair is defined each time there is an entry on the left and right of your matrix. This is depicted in figure 1.

Leadership Bonus

Every affiliate of Propreneurs world is respected as a leader and much is expected of him in terms of leadership responsibility. As an organization, we understand that he plays vital role in team building and development. Hence, a certain amount called LEADERSHIP BONUS has been set out in the plan to compensate or reward every team leader at the completion of stage two and above.

Shopping Voucher

This is a gift card reward given to all affiliates at the completion of every stage. It comes as shopping vouchers. It is intended to give our affiliate a good shopping experience in any of the major outlets of Shoprite, LG Electronic or SLOT. For now, the shopping voucher is only available for our affiliates in Nigeria and will be delivered monthly at the end of the month..For those in other countries, the shopping Voucher will be activated as soon as we start operating officially in your country. Meanwhile, the office will contact you and credit your membership account with the cash equivalent of the gift voucher upon qualification.

Bussiness Start-Up Fund

One of the greatestchallengesto average Entrepreneurs across the world especially in Africa is START-UP-CAPITAL. Many good business idea and dreams have been killed by lack of capital. Yours is an exception to this because in Propreneurs World, we are not only concerned in giving you the much needed training for Entrepreneurship success, we have also set aside a grant for you to the sum of $17000 for your business. This is accessible to you on completing of the Elite professional stage.

Infinity Bonus

This is a reward paid to affiliates for developing leaders in their entire network. It is amonthly recurrent bonus. It is designed to function after the order of matching bonus and is paid to affiliates from stage 4 (Elite Professional) and above.What a double payment for stage 4, stage 5 and stage 6 members! Infinity bonus is getting double bonus for one singular effort.For every entry of a new pair of elite professional qualifiers on the left and right of your matrix as an elite Professionalmember, you earn $500,For Tycoon $1000 is paid while $1500 is paid to you as an executive tycoon for producing a pair of new executive tycoon in your matrix as an executive tycoon member. The pairs produced in a given month is collated and paid at the end of themonth.

Merit Bonus

This is another mouth-watering monthly reward for dedicated team builders. You access this from stage four(Elite Profession.) and above. It is powered by a unilevel matrix system which pays on formation of 5 or more direct sponsorship in your stage 3 network either as an Elite Professional, a Tycoon or an executive tycoon. The payment is from first generation to infinity. The table below show the earning potential of the merit bonus for affiliates who are committed to team building. Note:Your 5 direct referrals in stage 3 is you gateway to earning this life changing amount of money in merit bonus.